Gallery Reading with Rebecca Foster at K Hollis Jewelry

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K Hollis Jewelers is hosting Rebecca Foster for a night of readings to the gallery!  Rebecca receives messages from God, spirit guides, and those passed over, and passes those messages on to people in the gallery. All receive a ticket  for readings, and anyone who does not receive a readings, t-shirts, and other items. $5 of every ticket purchased is being donated. Charity will be announced the evening of the event. Seating is limited so please reserve your tickets in advance.  Tickets may be sold at the door depending on how many are available.

Tickets and seating do not guarantee you will be read by Rebecca. VIP puts you closer so you may have a better chance at getting read. Readings are done according to energy and who information comes through for during the night. The event is priceless and everyone will walk away with something from the evening.

VIP seating is located in the first 2 rows and are limited.

Location is  147 S. Randall Road, Batavia, IL For more information please contact

Tickets are NON-Refundable.   Tickets are emailed to you to print off. They come from Zero Dimension Productions and Constant Contact. Please check your junk file as they are emailed immediately.