Gallery Readings with Rebecca Foster at Marigold Marketplace

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This show/event time has already passed, sorry you can no longer buy tickets for it.

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The event starts promptly at 6pm and runs to 8, but Rebecca does not mind running over if spirits are present. All participants have the same chance to be read. Rebecca randomly draws names using raffle tickets, so no matter if you are in the very back row, or front and center, you can be read. Rebecca also walks around the room and pulls energy off of people, so many can be read. Rebecca also draws tickets for people to win her book, The Beaches: A Journey of Answers, and free readings too. No one leaves without a message, laughter, and good thoughts about where they are in life. God makes sure to pass on messages to all even if it is not personalized. All information is treated sensitively, and Rebecca does not speak of problems that are sensitive in nature to one person, rather she addresses the entire group so the message gets across. Space is limited so GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

Tickets are NON-Refundable.